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Slide type Drilling Units

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The operating units described here are designed to solve problems of drilling, counter boring and boring. The rotational movement is transmitted from the motor to the spindle via a pair of toothed pulleys, keyed with conical sleeve.
The units are of special cast iron guides with induction hardened and ground, on demand quality linear guides with recirculating ball or roller skates.
A request can be supplied valve fast / slow, and thermally compensated pressure.

A hydraulic cylinder, which is built into the tool advancement.

The advancement of the tools is given by a pneumatic cylinder with hydraulic brake circuit and closed.

The units can be supplied on request as follows:

   * fast / slow on the unit
   * different types of bearings spindle
   * with screw and nut ball rolled or ground
   * flange joint to attach a brushless motor
   * with slide surfaces coated with antifriction material
   * quality linear guides with recirculating ball or roller skates
   * with protective telescopic metal



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